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Fraction Collectors

The MAB 80 Fraction Collector is designed for ease of use. A round fixed vial rack holds 40 samples offering easy access to the vials. Optional use of re-sealing caps will maintain sample volumes collected during the experiment. By preventing air from getting in contact with the samples there is no sample loss caused by evaporation. Vials are available in either polystyrene or polypropylene, depending on the sample matrix it may be that one is more suitable. Polypropylene is a less sticky material meaning that compounds with a tendency of attaching to different materials stand a better chance of being possible to analyze. Polystyrene has better properties for not allowing air to get in contact with the sample. When collecting small volumes at low flow rates over longer periods of time this will help maintain expected volumes in the vials. The re-sealing caps offered are made from Santoprene, which is a material with good sealing properties. Foot print of the MAB 80 is 14 x 16 cm meaning that minimal space is required.


Ordering information:

MAB 80 Fraction Collector: 1 pc

Fraction collector needle: 1 pkg = 1 pc

4001029 Sample vials Polystyrene

300 l, 1 pkg = 1000 pcs

4001048 Sample vials Polypropylene

300 l, 1 pkg = 1000 pcs

4001030 Caps re-sealing

1 pkg = 1000 pcs

4001031 (4001029 with 4001030 inserted)

1 pkg = 1000 pcs

4001033 (4001048 with 4001030 inserted)

1 pkg = 1000 pcs

Fraction Collector

 High sample number capacity

 Ease of use

 Uses minimal bench space ( 14 x 16 cm )

 Can collect under re-sealing caps

 Different vial types available

A small foot print fraction collector with 40 positions and a fraction collection interval range of 1 min to 99 min. The stainless steel needle will penetrate the optional re-sealing cap and place the sample in the bottom of the vial. An air release cannula at the upper part of the needle will ensure that the air inside the vial is let out during sample collection. At the end of the collection interval the needle is withdrawn and the cap seals the hole made by the needle. The vials are now in an airtight container keeping the microdialysis sample. Vials with or without caps may be placed in a freezer/refrigerator. Always store the vials in an upright position and marked for easy identification later.




Basic evaporation tests using polypropylene vials and water clearly show the importance of capping vials. As a reference a set of capped vials has been included in each test. These have shown no measurable evaporation.


-Standard laboratory environment with 50 l of liquid. After 22 hours there is 60 % of the water left in the non-capped vials.


-Standard laboratory environment with 20 l of liquid. After 5 hours there is 85 % left and after 7 hours there is 80 % left in the non-capped vials.


-Vials with 20 l of liquid kept in refrigerator at app. 4 degrees Celsius. After 5 hours there is 95 % left and after 24 hours there is 80 % left in the non-capped vials.



MAB 80 Fraction Collector

Refrigerated Fraction Collector

The MAB 85 Refrigerated Fraction Collector has a technical specification similar to the MAB 80. A main difference is the cooling capability. Another is the dual sample collection mode, either 2 x 20 samples or 1 x 40 samples. It cools the samples collected down to +5 Celsius. This feature gives the MAB 85 a slightly larger foot print of 27 cm x 17 cm. It collects the samples in capped or non-capped 300 l vials. Passivated stainless steel needles equipped with an air release cannula ensure that air is allowed to pass out from the vial during collection avoiding back pressure to build up inside the vial.


Ordering information:


MAB 85 Refrigerated Fraction Collector

For accessories please see MAB 80 and other consumables.

MAB 85 Dual Channel Refrigerated Fraction Collector