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Awake animal Systems

The MAB 31 Awake Animal System is designed for use with dual channel swivels. Either the MAB 302 or the Instech microdialysis swivel. Three different configurations of the MAB 31 are available. One including a swivel, one with swivel braces for the swivel but with no swivel and last one with swivel braces for the Instech swivel but with no swivel. Accessories provided are Plastic Collars and Anchor Screws. The Plastic Collar is one way of securing the animal to the steel wire that connects to the lower swivel part. Anchor Screws are commonly used for adding further stability when cementing the Guide Cannula. Also available for the MAB 302 is a lower swivel brace that connects to the Instech tethering system.


Ordering information:


MAB 31 Awake System A, inc. Dual channel swivel, Balance arm, steel wire, Cage adapter, Plastic Collar 25 pcs

MAB 31 Awake System B, inc. Balance arm, steel wire, Plastic Collar 25 pcs

MAB 31 Awake System C, inc. Balance arm, steel wire, lower swivel brace for Instech swivel, Plastic Collar 25 pcs

4002002, Anchor screws 2 mm,

1 pkg = 100 pcs

4001021, Plastic Collars,

1 pkg = 100 pcs

MAB 302, Dual channel swivels,

1 pkg = 3 pcs

4001022, Steel wire, 1 pkg = 1 pc

MAB 31 Awake Animal System

These Awake Animal Systems are designed for flexibility. The Cage Adapter can be fixed to most cages and bowls used. The arm can be adjusted to the Cage Adapter in height. It is not necessary to fix the arm to the Cage Adapter but it can be left loose enabling the arm to also move in a sideways direction. A balance weight is adjusted so that the arm will follow the upward/downward movements of the animal.

The steel wire has a swivel brace that connects to the lower part of the swivel. In the other end is a locking device that will secure the wire to a plastic collar. This way it is possible to use one of the swivel channels for pushing perfusion media through the probe. The second channel connects to the probe outlet leading the sample to a sample collection device. It is common that the swivel channels have different dead volumes and it may be decided to connect the lowest volume channel to the probe outlet. There is no bowl/cage included in the MAB 31 systems. The reason being that it is common that users already have preferred bowls/cages in use.

MAB 31 Awake Animal System

 Flexible construction

 Different swivels may be used

 Easy to setup and use

 Microbiotech Dual Channel Swivel dead volumes, Centre channel 1,3 l, side channel 2 l

Anchor screws 2 mm long

Plastic Collar

MAB 302, Microbiotech Dual Channel Swivel