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Peripheral Equipment

The Liquid Switch is a helpful tool when it is desired to switch between perfusion medias. Using a Liquid Switch means that the risk of introducing air bubbles is eliminated. A dead volume of only 1 l does not add much extra time resolution. Two different perfusion medias can be handled simultaneously and by simply moving the knob which one is decided. The procedure is quick and simple to perform using one hand only.


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4001056 Liquid Switch, 1 pc

4001057 Spare cannulas, 1 pkg = 4 pcs

4001058 Valve replacement kit, 1 pc

Liquid Switch

The perfusion medias used in microdialysis are usually demanding to a product like this. Low flow rates means that crystallization is an always present possibility. This Liquid Switch uses KEL-F and passivated stainless steel in contact with the perfusion media. Also is the switch easy to dismantle and clean between experiments. The nuts holding the cannulas are tightened using finger force only. It is recommended that the cannulas are removed, along with the rotor block, between experiments and put in a beaker with water. Run the beaker in an ultrasonic bath and the components will be clean and ready for the next experiment. Following this straight forward cleaning procedure the Liquid Switch will last for a long time.




Liquid Switch

 Ease of use

 Quick dismantling

 Construction allows for proper cleaning

 Resistant materials

 Connects using Tubing Adapters

In Vitro Stand

In Vitro Stand with Probe Clip

The use of an In Vitro Stand in microdialysis is common and helpful. It serves as a place for In Vitro tests of probes and also a place to store and rinse probes in a safe way. The Probe Clip can be removed from the stand easily by simply lifting it up. A Stainless Steel Rod, for connecting the clip to a stereotaxic frame, may be attached to the clip. The clip can be placed so that the probe may be immersed into the Eppendorf vial filled with water, calibration In Vitro test solution or it can be placed so that the probe hangs in the air.

(See picture to the left)


Ordering information:


8001001 InVitro Stand with Probe Clip,


1 pkg = 1 pc


1005000 MAB 8 Probe Clip, 1 pkg = 1pc


1005001 Probe Clip, 1 pkg = 1 pc


100 5014 MAB 10 Probe/Guide Clip,

1 pkg = 1 pc


8001001 Stainless steel rod, 1 pkg = 1pc

 Stable construction that stands firmly

 All Probe Clip types fit

 Allows for safe storing

 In Vitro testing of probes

MAB 8 Probe Clip

Stainless Steel Rod without and with Probe Clip

Close up on Probe Clip fixed to Rod